Internal and external cancellation conditions for free vibration of damped simple beams traversed by successive moving loads

Z. L. Wang, Z. X. Tan, L. Chen, D. S. Yang, H. Xu, K. Shi, Y. B. Yang

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In this paper, the internal and external cancellation phenomena for damped beams subjected to multi-moving loads are investigated in detail. To start, the theory for the vibration of a simply supported beam is revisited by including the effect of damping. For the first time, a simple expression is derived for the free vibration of the damped beam under multi-moving loads. Based on the concept of local minimum, two cancellation conditions are identified. One is the internal cancellation, which relates to the inherent property of the beam and is conventionally known. The other is the newly formulated external cancellation that relates to the number and spacing of moving loads. For comparison, both the resonant condition and the optimal criterion for span length of the bridge are also briefed. By comparing with the classical solution, the present simple expression for the free vibration of the beam is firstly validated. Then the factors affecting the cancellation are investigated against various load cases and damping levels. The results show that external cancellation occurs more frequently due to the increase in the number and spacing of the moving loads. The damping of the beam has a leaking effect on cancellation, in that nonzero vibration may occur, but it is also quickly damped out by damping itself.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2340007
Number of pages25
JournalInternational Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics
Issue number16-18
Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2023


  • Beam
  • cancellation
  • damping
  • free vibration
  • moving load
  • resonance

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