Integrating Science and Practice (iSAP): An Interactive Case-Based Clinical Decision-Making Radiography Training Program

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In health sciences, case-based learning is a type of learning environment that supports intrinsic feedback and has an authentic approach involving accounts of real clinical experiences aimed at giving students the opportunity to explore and apply skills and theories that they have learnt in their field of study.

This paper reports on an innovative online learning platform called ‘integrating Science And Practice’ (iSAP), developed to integrate interactive case studies based on realistic clinical scenarios in radiography, radiation therapy and medical ultrasound and supported by a range of multimedia resources. iSAP allows students to be immersed in authentic clinical experiences where they apply critical and reflective thinking to challenging practice scenarios which address, amongst others, relationships between diagnostic modalities, disease and clinical presentations, behavioural/fitness to practice and radiation dose issues. The innovative online learning platform for each iSAP case involves a case description/scenario, professional issues and resources, Clinical Action Plan (CAP), Expert Response (ER) or Practitioner Response (PR), and a Comparative Report (CR) or Reflective Analysis (RA).

iSAP provides educators with insights into the student’s clinical reasoning abilities, reflective skills and their capacity to integrate various knowledge domains. iSAP provides students with a cost effective way of accessing practitioner expertise, whilst learning how to make informed clinical judgements within an evidence-based practice paradigm.
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Publication statusPublished - 4 Apr 2017


  • case based learning, multimedia, problem solving, reflective practice, feedback

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