Insertions in the OCL1 locus of Acinetobacter baumannii lead to shortened lipooligosaccharides

Johanna J. Kenyon, Kathryn E Holt, Derek Pickard, Gordon Dougan, Ruth M. Hall

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Genomes of 82 Acinetobacter baumannii global clones 1 (GC1) and 2 (GC2) isolates were sequenced and different forms of the locus predicted to direct synthesis of the outer core (OC) of the lipooligosaccharide were identified. OCL1 was in all GC2 genomes, whereas GC1 isolates carried OCL1, OCL3 or a new locus, OCL5. Three mutants in which an insertion sequence (ISAba1 or ISAba23) interrupted OCL1 were identified. Isolates with OCL1 intact produced only lipooligosaccharide, while the mutants produced lipooligosaccharide of reduced molecular weight. Thus, the assignment of the OC locus as that responsible for the synthesis of the OC is correct.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)472-475
Number of pages4
JournalResearch in Microbiology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2014
Externally publishedYes


  • ISAba1
  • ISAba23
  • Lipid A
  • Lipooligosaccharide
  • OC locus
  • Outer core oligosaccharide

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