Innovative strategies to fight antimicrobial resistance: crowdsourcing to expand medical training

Eneyi E. Kpokiri, Jehan Z. Budak, Christina C. Chang, Jason J. Ong, Claude Mabilat, Rosanna W. Peeling, David Van Duin, Joseph D. Tucker

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Background: Antimicrobial resistance is a serious public health concern across the world, but public awareness is low, few educational resources on diagnostics exist and professional interest in infectious diseases is waning. To spur interest in infectious disease, emphasize the role of diagnostics in management of resistant infections and develop educational resources to support antimicrobial stewardship. Methods: We employed crowdsourcing methods, using an open challenge contest to solicit clinical cases on antimicrobial resistance and clinical diagnostics. Results: We received 25 clinical cases from nine countries. After screening, 23 cases were eligible for judging. Three cases emerged as the top finalists and were further developed into an open access learning module on diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance. Conclusions: Crowdsourcing methods are beneficial for generating interest in infectious disease and developing educational resources to support antibiotic stewardship.

Original languageEnglish
Article number227
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2020


  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • clinical diagnostics
  • crowdsourcing
  • infectious diseases

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