Infrastructure development in the UAE: communication and coordination issues amongst key stakeholders

Moza T. Al Nahyan, Amrik S. Sohal, Brian Fildes, Yaser E. Hawas

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Purpose. This chapter examines the management of transportation infrastructure projects in the United Arab Emirates in order to understand how management processes (especially coordination and communication amongst stakeholders) impacts on reducing risks and hence improve project outcomes. Methodology. Using a snowballing approach, field work for this study involved undertaking interviews representing the five key stakeholders namely project sponsors/clients, governmental departments, management firms, contractors, and consultants. All interviewees held senior positions within their organizations and played a significant role in transportation infrastructure projects. Findings. This chapter adds to the literature by presenting evidence from transportation infrastructure projects completed in the United Arab Emirates that effective communication and coordination amongst the key stakeholders are critical for project success. Key learning are: developing a more strategic approach to human resource management and development; developing a more disciplined approach to establishing policies and standardized procedures for project approvals; adopting international design and quality standards; and putting in place a variety of means for improving communication amongst the stakeholders. Practical implications. In developing a risk management tool, the chapter provides some guidance in terms of the key dimensions that should be considered: (i) Importance of the management processes, (ii) Effectiveness of the management processes, (iii) Importance of each key stakeholder, and (iv) Specific stage of the construction project. Theoretical contributions. Stakeholder theory is applied for the evaluation of transport related strategic decisions.

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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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