Improving subacute management of post concussion symptoms: A pilot study of the Melbourne Paediatric Concussion Scale parent report

Gavin A. Davis, Vanessa C. Rausa, Franz E. Babl, Katie Davies, Michael Takagi, Alison Crichton, Audrey McKinlay, Nicholas Anderson, Stephen J.C. Hearps, Cathriona Clarke, Remy Pugh, Kevin Dunne, Peter Barnett, Vicki Anderson

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Aim: To pilot a modification of the Post Concussion Symptom Inventory, the Melbourne Paediatric Concussion Scale (MPCS) and examine its clinical utility. Materials & methods: A total of 40 families of concussed children, aged 8-18 years, were recruited from the emergency department. Parent responses to the MPCS in the emergency department and 2-weeks post injury determined child symptomatic status. Association between MPCS symptom endorsement and symptomatic group status was examined. Results: All additional MPCS items were endorsed by at least 25% of the parents of symptomatic children at 2 weeks. MPCS items were classified into nine symptom domains, with most falling in mood, neurological, autonomic and vestibular domains. Conclusion: The additional items and domain classifications in the MPCS have the potential to improve subacute diagnostic precision, monitoring of clinical recovery and identification of appropriate interventions post pediatric concussion.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberCNC97
Number of pages13
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2022


  • assessment
  • concussion
  • pediatric
  • post concussion symptoms

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