Image-based sexual abuse: An international study of victims and perpetrators – A Summary Report.

Anastasia Powell, Adrian J. Scott, Asher Flynn, Nicola Henry

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The focus of this summary report is foremost on the findings of a cross-national survey conducted in 2019. In total, there were 6,109 respondents aged 16 to 64 years across Australia (n=2,054), New Zealand (n=2,027) and the United Kingdom (n=2,028). This 2020 report describes the key findings of a cross- national survey into image-based sexual abuse. This is a follow-up study to our 2016 Australian survey and extends the research to New Zealand and the United Kingdom. It provides data on respondents’ experiences of image- based sexual abuse victimisation as well as self-disclosed perpetration behaviours. At the time of writing, this research is the first cross-national survey into victimisation and perpetration of image-based sexual abuse. This summary report is supported by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant (Revenge Pornography: The Prevalence and Nature of Non-Consensual Imagery and the Implications for Law Reform, DP170101433).
Original languageEnglish
PublisherRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • image-based abuse
  • revenge pornography
  • image-based sexual abuse

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