I Object: a) Let's ... Dance? (as part of Slam Noir, How I Wish the Wish I Wish) b) Unkind (as part of Into the Black Hole) c) Hey Joe! version 1 (as part of Ambush!) and d) Version 2 (as part of Fracas)

Alison Margaret Richards (Other), Cerise Howard (Other), Nicola Bell (Performer), Kat Wilson (Performer), Dave O'Brien (Performer), Nancy Black (Producer), Debra Batton (Performer), Dani Jackson (Composer), Rachael Guy (Designer), Rod Primrose (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formTheatre PerformanceOther


This series of short original works was developed and presented to address problems of the relationship between puppetry/stage objects and the live performer encountered during preparation for The Book of Revelations (2012). My goal was to identify, frame and explore ways to shift focus between the animate and the inanimate, to achieve more fluid and dynamic modes of presentation.
My role in each of these works was as initiator or co-initiator, artist/researcher and performer: together, they constitute a substantial arc of investigative practice, informed by principles of Performance as Research (PaR).
My overall research question was, how can contemporary physical performance and puppetry techniques be deployed to foreground extended exchanges between live performer and stage objects as dynamically interdependent elements of a mise en scène?
Printed programs were not prepared for all these events and I was invited to perform in the Slam Noir at the Castlemaine State Festival 2013 after the printed program was published: my participation is however acknowledged in project records on the Black Hole Theatre website. My status as an Adjunct of Monash CTP was noted in the program for Fracas at the Delmar Gallery NSW (attached) and on the Black Hole Theatre website in my biography as an Artistic Associate. Other attached documentation includes running orders distributed for events; scripts, scenarios and/or storyboards composed for individual creative works; and a critical review of the Into the Black Hole event published online by the Toorak Times on 25/11/2013.
Original languageEnglish
Place of Publicationa) Castlemaine, VIC b) Carlton, VIC c) Maldon, VIC d) Ashfield NSW
PublisherBlack Hole Theatre, with a) Castlemaine State Arts Festival, b) La Mama Theatre Carlton, c) Maldon Puppet Carnival, c) Delmar Gallery
Publication statusPublished - 23 Mar 2013


  • performance as research
  • puppetry
  • Contemporary performance

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