Glomerular ultrafiltration in rabbits with superficial glomeruli

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The determinants of glomerular ultrafiltration in superficial glomeruli of a strain of English cross-breed rabbits have been studied using micropuncture techniques. Mean arterial blood pressure in the anaesthetised rabbits was 70±2 mmHg. The glomerular filtration rate in the kidney prepared for micropuncture was 4.4±0.4 ml/min, the filtration fraction was 22±1% and renal blood flow was 33±3 ml/min, and these values were comparable to values in conscious rabbits. Glomerular capillary pressure (Pgc) averaged 31±1 mmHg, the single-nephron glomerular filtration rate (SNGFR) averaged 25±2 nl/min, and the mean ultrafiltration pressure (calculated using the whole-kidney filtration fraction) averaged 7±1 mmHg. A net positive pressure at the efferent end of the glomerular capillaries (4.4±0.9 mmHg) indicated that a state of filtration pressure disequilibrium existed, under the experimental conditions of this study, in rabbit glomeruli. The calculated glomerular ultrafiltration coefficient (Kf) was 0.08±0.01 nl s-1 mmHg-1. Thus, compared to the Munich-Wistar rat, SNGFR is lower in the rabbit. This reflects the substantially lower glomerular ultrafiltration pressure in the rabbit, although this was offset partially by a higher Kf.

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JournalPflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology
Issue number3-4
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1991
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  • Glomerular capillary pressure
  • Glomerular ultrafiltration coefficient

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