General Practice Supervisory Relationship Measure (Registrars): handscored instrument

Jill Benson, Michael Bentley, Joan Burns, Christine Cook, Shane Costello, Taryn Elliott, Rebecca Kippen, Marisa Sampson, Glen Wallace, Allyson Warrington

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This document is a hand-scored version of the General Practice Supervisory Relationship Measure (Registrars; GP-SRMR). The GP-SRMR measures the supervisory relationship from the registrar's perspective and is completed by the registrar in relation to an individual supervisor. The GP-SRMS was developed for use in the Australian general practice training sector. The partner tool for use with supervisors is available here:

Authors and affiliations (credited alphabetically)
Jill Benson, GPEx
Michael Bentley, General Practice Training Tasmania
Joan Burns, GP Supervisors Australia
Christine Cook, GPEx
Shane Costello, Monash University
Taryn Elliott, GPEx
Rebecca Kippen, Monash University
Marisa Sampson, GP Supervisors Australia
Glen Wallace, GP Supervisors Australia
Allyson Warrington, General Practice Training Tasmania

This research project was supported by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners with funding from the Australian Government under the Australian General Practice Training Program (Education Research Grant ERG007, 2017–18).

We thank participants in the steering group, expert group, pilot group and survey participants for their valuable contributions.

This instrument was originally adapted from the Supervisory Relationship Measure (SRM), which can be found here:
Original languageEnglish
TypeProduct from research project
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 26 Sep 2018


  • Supervisory alliance
  • Supervisory relationship
  • General practice training
  • Supervision

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