Flexible power system defense strategies in an isolated microgrid system with high renewable power generation

Yuan Kang Wu, Kuo Ting Tang, Zheng Kuan Lin, Wen Shan Tan

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This work develops an underfrequency preventive control strategy for an islanded power system with a high penetration of wind power generation. First, the preventive control strategy uses the frequency nadir forecasting module to analyze the frequency stability under largest diesel generator tripping (N-1) contingency events. If predicted frequency nadir is too low, four frequency support methods are then analyzed and used for preventing potential frequency stability problem. They include generator rescheduling (GR), the use of battery energy storage system (BESS), direct load control (DLC) and emergency demand response program (EDRP). In terms of the GR method, the optimal diesel generator dispatch is obtained, with sufficient frequency stability and minimal fuel cost and start-up cost. In the BESS method, the optimal instantaneous power output from BESS is obtained based on its frequency support capability. With the DLC or EDRP method, the optimal contract-based load-shedding or the load-reduction to provide frequency support is obtained, respectively. Then, the operating costs of each method to support frequency are analyzed. The research methods and simulation results are very useful to the low-frequency protection of actual power systems with high renewable power generation. This work proposed a complete defense strategy in a microgrid system. It combines GR, BESS, DLC and EDRP. Therefore, the system operators have many options to implement their defense strategies, based on the operating costs of various methods. In other words, the proposed defense strategy provides a more flexible solution for the protection of micro grids with a high renewable power penetration. Therefore, the solution considers the system safety and economical aspects.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3184
Number of pages21
JournalApplied Sciences
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - May 2020


  • Battery energy storage system
  • Direct load control
  • Emergency demand response program
  • Generator rescheduling
  • Islanded power system
  • Preventive control strategy
  • Wind power generation

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