Facile electrochemical co-deposition of metal (Cu, Pd, Pt, Rh) nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide for electrocatalytic reduction of nitrate/nitrite

Chencheng Sun, Fengwang Li, Hao An, Zhengkui Li, Alan M Bond, Jie Zhang

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Monodispersed metal (Cu, Pd, Pt, Rh) nanoparticles have been anchored on reduced graphene oxide (rGO) by a facile electrochemical co-deposition method. Scanning electron microscopic images reveal the presence of homogeneously dispersed metal nanoparticles on the rGO nanosheets. The as-prepared nanocomposites demonstrate excellent electrocatalytic activity for electroreduction of NO3 and NO2 . The mechanisms associated with the best performed Rh-rGO were studied in detail by cyclic voltammetry, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic (XPS) and Fourier transformed ac voltammetry. It is proposed that the electrocatalytic reduction of NO3 on Rh-rGO is catalyzed by an adsorbed H* (H+ aq + e → H*) species to form NO2 which is further catalyzed by H* to form a surface confined NO* intermediate. Rh-rGO displays high electrochemical stability for NO3 reduction over the pH range of 4–9, which could be a suitable candidate for applications in remediation of NO3 contamination.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)733-741
Number of pages9
JournalElectrochimica Acta
Publication statusPublished - 10 Apr 2018


  • Electrocatalytic reduction
  • Electrochemical co-deposition
  • Metal nanoparticles
  • Nitrate/nitrite
  • Reduced graphene oxide

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