Explaining the absence of Climate as an Issue in the 2016 Australian Election: SBS Online and RenewEconomy

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The research question is: Why did the issue of climate change, which was so prominent in the 2007, 2010 and 2013 Australian elections, disappear as an election issue in 2016?
This research question is answered in two articles written during the election campaign period of the 2016 Australian election.
The articles in Renew Economy and SBS News Online, of 3392 words in total gather together research from 48 references. The articles investigate the reasons why climate change was absent from the issue-attention cycles of the 2016 Australian election. They examine the paradox, that whilst climate was polling high on the list of voter concerns before and during the election, and month on month records global temperature records continued to be broken at the time, politicians from major parties consistently minimized it as an issue. Both articles examine the reasons why major political parties abandoned climate during their campaigns as well as linking this neglect to the ongoing issues of political donations (from fossil-fuel companies) that have historically been part of recent Australian elections.
The analysis is useful for policy-makers, renewable industry leaders and NGO’s trying to operate in the regulatory environment set by the governments of the major parties.
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Media of outputonline
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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