Erratum: Detailed abundances for 28 metal-poor stars: Stellar relics in the milky way (ApJ (2008) 681 (1524))

David K. Lai, Michael Bolte, Jennifer A Johnson, Sara Lucatello, Alexander Heger, Stanford E Woosley

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We have been made aware of three errors in the published article. First, we note that we failed to mention that we adopt a solar log ∈(Fe) = 7.51, not the Grevesse & Sauval (1998) value of log ∈(Fe) = 7.50. This is related to the second error, where we reported the incorrect values for some of the [X/Fe] ratios in Table 16. A corrected Table 16 is included here. Thanks to Anna Frebel for bringing these errors to our attention. Finally, thanks to Zhang Jiang for bringing to our attention that Figure 25(b) also needs correction (Figure 25(a) is correct). The plotted values for the average and rms of C, N, O, and Eu are incorrect. We include here the full, corrected version of Figure 25.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1984
Number of pages1
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 20 Oct 2010
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