Encouraging brand loyalty in fickle generation Y consumers

Violet Lazarevic

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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to argue that marketers need to create a relationship between their brand and generation Y consumers through various steps in order to increase brand loyalty of this notoriously disloyal segment. Design/methodology/approach - A cohesive review of generation Y consumer literature forms the basis of theoretical propositions and a conceptual model which suggests ways to increase generation Y brand loyalty. Findings - Findings suggest that existing marketing tools such as integrated marketing communications and branding can be used in new ways to increase the perceived congruence between the generation Y consumer and the brand. This is necessary for creating a relationship with the brand leading to increased brand loyalty. Practical implications - The paper is important for marketers by indicating key focus areas for influencing brand loyalty of generation Y consumers, and tailoring loyalty programs. In addition, this paper gives marketers insight into how congruency between their brand and generation Y consumers can be created to develop a relationship between the brand and the customer and positively influence brand loyalty. Originality/value - This paper fills gaps in the literature regarding how to influence brand loyalty from fickle generation Y consumers. Furthermore, the paper highlights the importance of integrated marketing communications theory, branding and celebrity endorsement and how it can be manipulated to increase the perceptions of congruence and build a relationship between the generation Y consumer and the brand, leading to increased brand loyalty.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)45 - 61
Number of pages17
JournalYoung Consumers
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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