EMG-Torque correction on human upper extremity using evolutionary computation

Veronica Jl, S. Parasuraman, M. K.A.Ahamed Khan, Kingsly Jeba Dsingh

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There have been many studies indicating that control system of rehabilitative robot plays an important role in determining the outcome of the therapy process. Existing works have done the prediction of feedback signal in the controller based on the kinematics parameters and EMG readings of upper limb's skeletal system. Kinematics and kinetics based control signal system is developed by reading the output of the sensors such as position sensor, orientation sensor and F/T (Force/Torque) sensor and there readings are to be compared with the preceding measurement to decide on the amount of assistive force. There are also other works that incorporated the kinematics parameters to calculate the kinetics parameters via formulation and pre-defined assumptions. Nevertheless, these types of control signals analyze the movement of the upper limb only based on the movement of the upper joints. They do not anticipate the possibility of muscle plasticity. The focus of the paper is to make use of the kinematics parameters and EMG readings of skeletal system to predict the individual torque of upper extremity's joints. The surface EMG signals are fed into different mathematical models so that these data can be trained through Genetic Algorithm (GA) to find the best correlation between EMG signals and torques acting on the upper limb's joints. The estimated torque attained from the mathematical models is called simulated output. The simulated output will then be compared with the actual individual joint which is calculated based on the real time kinematics parameters of the upper movement of the skeleton when the muscle cells are activated. The findings from this contribution are extended into the development of the active control signal based controller for rehabilitation robot.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications, IConAMMA 2016
PublisherIOP Publishing
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventInternational Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications 2016 - Bangalore, India
Duration: 14 Jul 201616 Jul 2016
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ConferenceInternational Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications 2016
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