Election 2013: Where To For Young People?

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    study of voter intentions published by The Whitlam Institute earlier this week provides insight into the shifting role and influence of young people's participation in contemporary electoral politics. The study shows that in contrast to the more stable voting habits of older members of the population, younger voters are more fluid, and vote more according to issues, "political moments" and values, rather than along specific party lines. This affirms the findings of other studies conducted throughout the last 15 years. The author of the study, Ron Brooker, puts it this way: "Throughout the 14 year, five-election period covered in the 2011 analysis of Newspoll voter intention data, younger voters were consistently at the extremes in terms of their frequency and scale of changing voter intentions such that as a group they are not so much 'swinging' as in constant electoral motion." These trends need to be understood within the broader context of electoral trends related to young people.
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    • Young people
    • Voting
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    • Youth participation

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