Effective lifetime measurements in the Bs→ K+K-, B0→K+π- and B0s→π+K- decays

The LHCb Collaboration

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Measurements of the effective lifetimes in the Bs0→K+K-,B0→K +π- and Bs0→π+K- decays are presented using 1.0fb -1 of pp collision data collected at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV by the LHCb experiment. The analysis uses a data-driven approach to correct for the decay time acceptance. The measured effective lifetimes areτBs0→K+K-=1.407±0.016(stat)±0.007(syst) ps,τB0→K+π-=1.524±0.011(stat)±0.004(syst) ps,τBs0→π+K-=1.60±0.06(stat)±0.01(syst) ps. This is the most precise determination to date of the effective lifetime in the Bs0→K+K- decay and provides constraints on contributions from physics beyond the Standard Model to the Bs0 mixing phase and the width difference δΓs.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)446-454
Number of pages9
JournalPhysics Letters B
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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