Effect of backbone sequence of a naphthalene diimide-based copolymer on Performance in n-type organic thin-film transistors

Kwanghun Park, Eul Yong Shin, Xuechen Jiao, Christopher R. McNeill, Yun Hi Kim, Soon Ki Kwon, Yong Young Noh

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We report two newly synthesized naphthalene diimide (NDI)-based conjugated polymers, poly[(E)-2,7-bis(2-decyltetradecyl)benzo[lmn][3,8]phenanthroline-1,3,6,8(2H,7H)-tetraone-vinylene-thiophene-vinylene] (PNDI-VTV) and poly[(E)-2,7-bis(2-decyltetradecyl)benzo[lmn][3,8]phenanthroline-1,3,6,8(2H,7H)-tetraone-vinylene-selenophene-vinylene] (PNDI-VSV) with different donor units as electron-transporting organic semiconductors for organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Furthermore, we study the effect of vinylene position on electron transport in the NDI polymers by using two similar polymers but with thiophene-vinylene-thiophene (PNDI-TVT) instead of vinylene-thiophene-vinylene or selenophene-vinylene-selenophene (PNDI-SVS) instead of vinylene-selenophene-vinylene. By incorporating vinylene between thiophene (or selenophene) units, the resulting NDI-based polymers PNDI-VTV and PNDI-VSV show larger backbone planarity than PNDI-TVT and PNDI-SVS. The polymers with a shorter acceptor monomer unit (PNDI-VTV and PNDI-VSV) show a strong face-on orientation, whereas those with a longer monomer unit (PNDI-TVT and SVS) exhibit a mixed face-on and edge-on orientation by two-dimensional grazing incidence X-ray diffraction. Optimized PNDI-VTV and PNDI-VSV OFETs exhibit electron mobilities of 0.043 and 0.7 cm2/(V·s), which is quite lower than those of PNDI-TVT and PNDI-SVS. In addition, the activation energies for electron transport of PNDI-VTV and PNDI-VSV were larger than those of PNDI-TVT and PNDI-SVS. Overall, this research provides the insight that the molecular alignment on the substrate can be controlled by the sequence of rigid acceptor monomer molecules for improving the electron transport of NDI polymers.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)35185-35192
Number of pages8
JournalACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Issue number38
Publication statusPublished - 25 Sep 2019


  • backbone sequence
  • conjugated polymer
  • naphthalene diimide
  • organic thin-film transistors

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