Effect of Aspirin on Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Older Adults

John J. McNeil, Peter Gibbs, Suzanne G. Orchard, Jessica E. Lockery, Wendy B. Bernstein, Yin Cao, Leslie Ford, Andrew Haydon, Brenda Kirpach, Finlay Macrae, Catriona McLean, Jeremy Millar, Anne M. Murray, Mark R. Nelson, Galina Polekhina, Christopher M. Reid, Ellen Richmond, Luz Maria Rodríguez, Raj C. Shah, Jeanne TieAsad Umar, G. J.van Londen, Kathlyn Ronaldson, Rory Wolfe, Robyn L. Woods, John Zalcberg, Andrew T. Chan, on behalf of the ASPREE Investigator Group

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

84 Citations (Scopus)

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