Education in a digital world: Global perspectives on technology and education

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Drawing on a wealth of theoretical and empirical work, Education in a Digital World tackles a number of pressing questions, such as, how are `global? trends in educational technology refracted through national policies and processes? How exactly are educational technologies linked to issues of global economics and the fortunes of national and international economies? To what extent are digital technologies implicated in the commercialisation, marketization and commodification of education? These questions, and others, are addressed throughout eight wide-ranging chapters, which consider topics such as the national policy strategies of countries across North and South America, Europe and East Asia, the educational technology portfolios of international organizations such as the United Nations and Microsoft, as well as the role of education and technology in international development and the on-going efforts to provide `one laptop per child? across low-income regions and countries. Through these examples Selwyn develops a detailed analysis of education, technology and globalisation, drawing together arguments and debates from various academic perspectives. Written in a detailed but accessible manner, this is an essential book for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the role of education and technology in contemporary globalised society.
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