Early Paleozoic accretionary orogenesis in the northeastern Indochina and implications for the paleogeography of East Gondwana: constraints from igneous and sedimentary rocks

Yuejun Wang, Yuzhi Zhang, Xin Qian, Yang Wang, Peter A. Cawood, Chengshi Gan, Vongpaseuth Senebouttalath

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The Indochina block is one of a number of continental fragments that lay along or outboard of the East Gondwana northern margin. Its early Paleozoic tectonic nature and the relationship with East Gondwana remain poorly-known. This paper shows the general geology of northeastern Indochina and presents a set of new geochronological and geochemical data with respect to its early Paleozoic tectonics in East Laos. These results reveal early Paleozoic (~485-410 Ma) igneous activity in the northeastern Indochina, which are divisible into four geochemical groups. The ~450-434 Ma Group 1 and ~485-434 Ma Group 2 mafic-intermediate igneous rocks were derived from MORB-like and supra-subduction zone wedge source modified by the recycled-sedimentary components, respectively. The Group 3 rhyolites at ~424 Ma represent the melting products of juvenile mafic crust. The Group 4 granitoids and equivalent volcanics formed at ~485-407 Ma and were derived from crustal materials with variable input of juvenile crust. The detrital-zircon age-spectra are marked by peaks at ~560 Ma, ~960 Ma, ~1600 Ma, ~1850 Ma and ~2450 Ma for the pre-Silurian paragneiss in the NE Indochina, reflective its geographical proximity to the India-Antarctica segment of East Gondwana until the earliest Paleozoic. The age-peaks of ~447 Ma and ~780 Ma is additionally given for the detrital-zircon from the Silurian sandstones in the Truong Son zone. An accretionary assemblage model is proposed for the early Paleozoic tectonic pattern of the SW Indochina with Yangtze fragments. Such an orogenesis formed the part of the North Indo-Australie Orogen related to subduction of the Prototethyan Ocean and the subsequent accretion of Asian micro-continental fragments along the Peripheral East Gondwana until earliest Devonian.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105921
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2021


  • Accretionary orogenesis
  • Early Paleozoic tectonics
  • Igneous and sedimentary rocks
  • Northeastern Indochina
  • Peripheral East Gondwana

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