Diverse migration geographies of tertiary-educated Malaysian-Chinese migrants: Anything new?

Sin Yee Koh

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This chapter examines the diverse migration geographies and variegated migration pathways undertaken by three groups of tertiary-educated Malaysian-Chinese migrants. It highlights the diverse motivations, strategies and experiences of this group of second- and third-generation Chinese diaspora in Malaysia. The chapter identifies three themes in relation to these diverse migration geographies. The diverse migration geographies are: Malaysian-Chinese migrants' continual search for a better life; the significance of the family in their migration decisions and pathways; and the ongoing negotiations of their Malaysian-Chinese identity before and throughout their migration mobilities. The chapter explains that, while the migration geographies may be 'new' when viewed from the perspective of Chinese migration, the underlying aspirations and challenges faced by the new Chinese migrants remain fundamentally unchanged. It focuses on a specific segment of the post-1980 Malaysian-Chinese emigrant population: middle-class and tertiary-educated skilled migrants who are members of the second- or third-generation Chinese diaspora in Malaysia.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNew Chinese Migrations
Subtitle of host publicationMobility, Home, and Inspirations
EditorsYuk Wah Chan, Sin Yee Koh
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