Differential GLP-1R Binding and Activation by Peptide and Non-peptide Agonists

Xin Zhang, Matthew J. Belousoff, Peishen Zhao, Albert J. Kooistra, Tin T. Truong, Sheng Yu Ang, Christina Rye Underwood, Thomas Egebjerg, Petr Šenel, Gregory D. Stewart, Yi-Lynn Liang, Alisa Glukhova, Hari Venugopal, Arthur Christopoulos, Sebastian G.B. Furness, Laurence J. Miller, Steffen Reedtz-Runge, Christopher J. Langmead, David E. Gloriam, Radostin DanevPatrick M. Sexton, Denise Wootten

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

82 Citations (Scopus)

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