Developing research on PCK as a community

Rebecca Cooper, Jan van Driel

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    After its introduction, a group of scholars, led by Lee Shulman, performed several studies on PCK in a range of disciplines. Since the 1990s, PCK studies have become a prominent strand in science education research. Initially, most of these studies were done in the USA, but once PCK was picked up by science education researchers in other continents, a proliferation of conceptions and models of PCK, and instruments to study it, became apparent. This chapter describes the ways in which scholars in science education have communicated with each other, through books, articles, presentations at conferences and, significantly, the PCK Summits to continue the conversation around PCK. The chapter will focus on the process of developing a consensus model of PCK among the scholars that participated in the two PCK Summits, how they communicated with each other during and after the Summits, and with the broader community of researchers with an interest in PCK. The chapter includes personal reflective narratives to exemplify key features of the PCK Summit processes and outcomes and looks to offer insights into the impact and possible next steps post the Second (2nd) PCK Summit.

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    Title of host publicationRepositioning Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching Science
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    Publication statusPublished - 28 Jan 2019


    • Pedagogical Content Knowledge
    • Teacher knowledge
    • Science Education

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