Deconvolution of wide angle X-ray scattering patterns from paper within the two phase model

Christopher J. Garvey, Ian H. Parker, George P. Simon

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Wide-angle x-ray scattering patterns have been obtained using a solid state energy dispersive detector from a copper cathode x-ray source. Diffraction patterns from Whatman Number 4 filter paper, bleached eucalypt handsheets and unbleached NSSC eucalypt handsheets all show the characteristic peaks (Bragg reflections) of the major crystalline component, cellulose I, superimposed over an amorphous halo (two phase model). It is assumed that the major source of broadening is the finite size of crystallites, the degree of broadening of each peak reflecting a dimension of the crystallite along that crystallographic spacing. This effect is quantified using the Scherrer equation. The validity of the assumptions made with respect to the source of broadening are discussed in terms of the two-phase model.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 3 Dec 2000
Event54th Appita Annual Conference - Melbourne, Aust
Duration: 3 Apr 20006 Apr 2000


Conference54th Appita Annual Conference
CityMelbourne, Aust

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