Cyclic performance of bonded sleeve beam-column connections for FRP tubular sections

Zhujing Zhang, Yu Bai, Xuhui He, Li Jin, Lei Zhu

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This paper presents an investigation on the cyclic performance of bonded sleeve connections for joining tubular FRP beams and columns. Specimens with different endplate thickness and number of bolts are examined under cyclic loading. The hysteretic moment-rotation responses of specimens, including rotational stiffness, ultimate moment and rotation capacity, and local strain responses are experimentally obtained and comparatively investigated. The cyclic performance of specimens is also characterized in terms of their ductility and energy dissipation capacity. Excellent ductility and energy dissipation capacity can be achieved through yielding of the steel endplate prior to the final connection failure. Detailed finite element analysis is also performed to describe the cyclic performance of beam-column specimens with bonded sleeve connections. Numerical and experimental results agree well in terms of hysteretic moment-rotation responses, ductility and energy dissipation capacity. Further parametric study of the endplate thickness provides evidence that reduction in endplate thickness may decrease the moment capacity with satisfactory ductility and energy dissipation capacity through the full development of steel yielding.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)171-182
Number of pages12
JournalComposites Part B: Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2018


  • Cyclic performance
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Glass fibres
  • Joints/joining
  • Mechanical testing

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