Cyber attacks in transactive energy market-based microgrid systems

Rumpa Dasgupta, Amin Sakzad, Carsten Rudolph

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Due to the increasing integration of distributed energy generation in the electric grid, transactive energy markets (TEMs) have recently emerged to balance the demand and supply dynamically across the grid. TEM enables peer to peer (P2P) energy trading and brings flexibility by reducing users’ demand in the grid. It also enhances the system’s efficiency and reduces the pressure on electricity networks. However, it is vulnerable to major cyber attacks as users equipped with smart devices are participating autonomously in the energy market, and an extensive amount of information is exchanged through the communication channel. The potential attacks and impacts of those attacks need to be investigated to develop an attack resilient TEM-based power system. Hence, in this paper, our goal is to systematically identify possible cyber attacks associated with a TEM-based power system. In order to achieve this goal, we classify the attacks during the P2P and flexibility schemes of TEM into three main categories. Then, we explore the attacks under each category in detail. We further distinguish the adversary roles of each particular attack and see what benefits will be received by an adversary through each specific attack. Finally, we present the impact of the attacks on the market operation, consumers, and prosumers of the TEM in this paper.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1137
Number of pages17
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2021


  • Cyber attacks
  • Flexibility scheme
  • Impact analysis
  • Microgrid system
  • Peer to peer energy trading
  • Transactive energy market

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