Compensable Billing Recovery NPV Calculator.

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In Australian Emergency Departments, compensable patients under the Transport Accident Commission, Workcover or Overseas Visitor Agreement are a source of revenue to support effective and efficient delivery of healthcare.

This is a Compensable Billing Recovery NPV Calculator, written to solve a very specific management question that is relevant for Australian Emergency Departments. It aims to calculate the Net Present Value of a cash flow stream that arises from spending money to recover TAC, Workcover and Overseas Visitor Agreement billings.

The code was written in R Studio v1.2.5033 with base R 3.6.0 with the help of published Monte Carlo methods1.
Six inputs are required:
- Annual presentation growth rate
- Annual presentations
- Annual percentage compensable
- Average $/pt recovered
- Estimated percentage recoverable
- Cost of recovery per patient
When the script is run, a simulation of x years of billings recovery occurs, and this is repeated y times. The variables x and y are customisable. The outputs are the descriptive statistics for all the simulations, the 95% uncertainty interval, and a histogram describing all the simulation results.

Previously published data was used to run the simulation. The 95% uncertainty intervals obtained in the test run were $1.88M-$2.17M (Medicare Benefits Schedule values) and $5.93M-$6.86M (Australian Medical Association values).

Australian Emergency Departments who are considering obtaining additional funding to recover compensable billings can use this calculator to strengthen their business case.
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Publication statusPublished - 23 Mar 2020


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