Collicular Anatomy and Function

Saba Gharaei, Greg J. Stuart, Ehsan Arabzadeh

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This chapter focuses on a midbrain structure called the superior colliculus (SC). The SC receives inputs from multiple sensory modalities and plays an important role in moving the eyes, head and body toward or away from biologically significant stimuli. The anatomical structure and input/output architecture of the mammalian SC is conserved across species. The SC is a laminated structure traditionally divided into superficial and intermediate/deep layers with the complexity of sensory integration increasing with depth. It is well connected to other structures in the brain and is involved in orienting behavior and directing attention to relevant sensory information.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Senses
Subtitle of host publicationA Comprehensive Reference
EditorsBernd Fritsch, Paul R. Martin
Place of PublicationNetherlands
Number of pages18
ISBN (Print)9780128054086
Publication statusPublished - 2020
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