Collaborating with consumers and the community to embed rehabilitation, ageing and independent living experiences into health professions education

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The dominant voice in health professions education is that of the educator. Their voice is privileged as the expert, and tells the clinical story of a person’s experience of health and social care systems. The lens through which they tell the story has traditionally been impairment-focused, aligning with biomedical models of teaching (Brand & Dart, 2022). With a growing focus on person-centred care, coupled with increased life expectancy, chronic disease and disability (Australian Institue of Health and Welfare, 2022), health professionals are now encouraged to work in partnership with consumers and the community. Embedding consumer and community voices across health professions education (HPE) provides rich and authentic learning experiences that aligns with the actual needs and realities of consumers and their community.
Through a collaborative partnership with consumer and community stakeholders, we developed an education resource to embed their voices into HPE for rehabilitation, ageing and independent living curricula. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the design and development of this evidence-informed resource.
Drawing on the principles of co-design, we developed an education resource based on interviews conducted with stakeholders across rehabilitation, ageing and independent living services, where they shared artefacts that conceptually represented their reality and human experiences. These artefacts were combined with personal narratives and then infused into narrative portraits which were used with visual thinking strategies to create ambiguity and challenge learners to focus on the person rather than their diagnosis, disease, impairments or disability. Through facilitated reflection, health professional learners are guided to adapt their lens toward more strengths-based ways of seeing from the consumer and community perspective.
Issues/Questions for exploration OR Ideas for further discussion
1) The traditional impairment-focus of HPE, 2) The changing landscape and expectations of HPE, and 3) Innovative ways of embedding the consumer and community voice into HPE.
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Publication statusPublished - 2023

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