Challenges in menopausal care of immigrant women

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This systematic review summarises the available evidence about how migrant women perceive and manage their menopausal and postmenopausal health and their experiences with healthcare services; and healthcare providers’ views about delivering menopause-related healthcare to migrant women. Medline, PsychInfo, Embase and Cinahl were searched for peer-reviewed papers published in English. Thirty-one papers were identified reporting on 25 studies. Twenty-three studies reported on investigations examining migrant women's perceptions about menopause, their self-care strategies and their experiences with menopause-related healthcare. Only two papers reported on healthcare providers’ views about providing menopause-related healthcare to migrant women. Most studies with migrant women found that their experiences of menopause and self-care strategies were culturally informed; that migrant women are unlikely to seek out menopause-related healthcare or to initiate conversations about menopause with their healthcare providers; and that most of those who seek menopause-related healthcare are disappointed with the care they receive. Studies assessing menopause-related knowledge found that many migrant women have limited knowledge about menopause and postmenopausal health, and that family and friends are their most common sources of information about menopause. Although healthcare providers were aware that migrant women use traditional remedies to manage their menopausal health and are likely to source menopause-related information from within their communities, they were reluctant to actively promote menopause-related health information due to consultation time constraints and lack of confidence in culturally competent communication. More research with healthcare providers is needed to improve understanding about barriers and facilitators to provide comprehensive menopause-related care to migrant women.
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 2021


  • Menopause
  • Healthcare
  • Migrant women
  • Healthy aging
  • Health literacy
  • Culture

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