Catholic mothers and daughters: a conversational tale of two families

Anne Keary, Ronnie Egan

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    Women’s auto/biography provides powerful and culturally diverse nar- ratives. The traditional odyssey for the inner meaning of the female self often involves a search for the maternal legacy. Through a series of conversations that were enacted in various locations significant to the authors, the telling of partial and subjective stories of maternal histories were narrated. The two authors have known each other for more than 55 years having started school together at the age of four. Through their conversations, they sought to gain a fuller understanding of different representations of connections among, and between, women. Stories were told of mothers and daughters as well as sisters and friends. The focus of the conversations was on how a Catholic upbringing and education seeps into the intergenerational relationships of mothers and daughters and infuses the contradictions and polarities of women’s lives.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationEducation, Work and Catholic Life
    Subtitle of host publicationStories of Three Generations of Australian Mothers and Daughters
    EditorsAnne Keary
    Place of PublicationSingapore Singapore
    Number of pages15
    ISBN (Electronic)9789811389894
    ISBN (Print)9789811389887
    Publication statusPublished - 2020


    • Autobiography
    • qualitative longitudinal research
    • Australian Mother-daughter Relationship
    • Generation and Change
    • Girls' Education in Australia
    • Australian Women's Study and Work Transitions
    • Catholic Schooling in Australia
    • Multi-methodological Approach to Research
    • intergenerational
    • continuity and change
    • Catholic influences
    • women's studies

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