Care Leavers’ records: a case for a Repurposed Archive Continuum Model

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    The historical records created by Australian child welfare agencies were never intended to be released to the children after they left ‘care’. They were administrative records that were compiled for the agencies’ own use, not to meet the needs of the children or their adult selves. What happened after records were released to Care Leavers and reused by them is not what the agencies intended to happen. The author argues that this cannot be adequately mapped onto the Records Continuum Model and proposes a Repurposed Archive Continuum Model to represent the processes involved when Care Leavers are attempting to access their records.

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    JournalArchives & Manuscripts
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


    • access
    • agency
    • Care Leavers
    • Records Continuum Model
    • repurposed archive

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