Can precision measurements of slepton masses probe right handed neutrinos?

Howard Baer, Csaba Balázs, J. Kenichi Mizukoshi, Xerxes Tata

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In a supersymmetric model, the presence of a right handed neutrino with a large Yukawa coupling fv would affect slepton masses via its contribution to the renormalization group evolution between the grand unification and weak scales. Assuming a hierarchichal pattern of neutrino masses, these effects are large for only the third generation of sleptons. We construct mass combinations to isolate the effect of fv from mass corrections already expected from tau Yukawa couplings. We then analyze the size of these effects, assuming that the Super- Kamiokande data constrain 0.033 eV≲m≲0.1 eV and that neutrino masses arise via a seesaw mechanism. We also explore whether these effects might be detectable in experiments at future e+e- linear colliders. We find that mṽτ needs to be measured with a precision of about 2-3% to measure the effect of fv if the neutrino and top Yukawa couplings unify at the grand unification scale. In a simple case study, we find a precision of only 6-10% might be attainable after several years of operation. If the neutrino Yukawa coupling is larger, or in more complicated models of neutrino masses, a determination ofτ̃1 and ṽτ masses might provide a signal of a Yukawa interaction of neutrinos.

Original languageEnglish
Article number055011
Pages (from-to)550111-5501113
Number of pages4951003
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 18 Aug 2001
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