Boundary crossing in the international PhD journey

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    The doctoral education experience is one of the most common topics in the field of researcher development (Evans, 2011; Nguyen, 2012b). This literature typically characterises the doctoral experience as a site of tensions where doctoral students participate in multiple activities within complex and varied contexts (e.g. Golde, 2000; Grover, 2007; Jazvac-Martek, Chen, McAlpine, 2011; McAlpine, Jazvac- Martek, Hopwood, 2009; Robinson, 2008). For many international PhD students, entering and progressing through the doctoral experience means negotiating many tensions as they cross multiple boundaries. In this chapter, I reflect on the halfway point of my doctoral experience at an Australian university with a particular focus on my negotiations across geographic, cultural, political, professional and academic borders. The chapter also reflects that doing a PhD across borders can mediate personal, academic and professional development. In this account, I rely on both my reflection during the writing process and data from my previous reflective accounts and relevant email communication during my PhD journey.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationNavigating International Academia: Research Student Narratives
    EditorsJill Brown
    Place of PublicationRotterdam Netherlands
    PublisherSense Publishers
    Pages31 - 41
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    ISBN (Print)9789462097025
    Publication statusPublished - 2014

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