Beyond the champion – governance and management of strategic innovation in higher education teaching and learning

Thomas Carey

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As a sector, higher education is at the low end of innovation rankings. The challenges we face – demographic, technological, political, and pedagogical – will require sustained innovation at a strategic level. Recent research with mature companies has identified exemplars in strategic innovation (e.g., O’Connor, Corbett, & Peters, 2018). This work explores whether – and how – higher education institutions might adapt insights from the corporate sector for strategic innovation in teaching and learning.

The introductory section provides an overview of the nature of strategic innovation (and why it is hard to sustain), strategic issues facing higher education, and the status and challenges of sustaining strategic innovation for teaching. The next two sections describe insights from research with corporate exemplars of sustaining strategic innovation. Each section uses a scenario from higher education as a proof-of-concept test to explore the application of the corporate sector insights for strategic innovation in higher education teaching and learning.

The final section of the chapter discusses the planned next steps to prototype and test adaptation of these corporate sector insights with institutional innovation leaders in higher education, as well as additional potential sources of insights (from other research in the corporate sector and from strategic innovation in the public sector).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGovernance and Management in Higher Education
Subtitle of host publicationInternational Perspectives on Strategic Planning
EditorsEnakshi Sengupta, Patrick Blessinger, Naziruddin Nezaami
PublisherEmerald Group Publishing Limited
Number of pages29
ISBN (Electronic)9781800437289, 9781800437302
ISBN (Print)9781800437296
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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