Beyond body weight: Design and validation of psycho-behavioural living and eating for health segments (LEHS) profiles for social marketing

Linda Brennan, Shinyi Chin, Annika Molenaar, Amy M. Barklamb, Megan S.C. Lim, Mike Reid, Helen Truby, Eva L. Jenkins, Tracy A. McCaffrey

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Obesity, sedentary behaviour, and poor dietary habits amongst young adults are growing concerns, with this age group being in a worse state of health and nutrition than adolescents and adults. This paper presents the procedures for establishing a new instrument for defining behaviours in relation to healthy lifestyle and food choices amongst young adults (Living and Eating for Health Segments: LEHS). The aim of this paper is to outline the instrument design protocol for external validation and to permit replication in other studies. The instrument design process used a multi-step social marketing instrument design method. This approach has previously been used in designing valid and reliable measures in marketing and consumer research, including social marketing. The protocol established six psycho-behavioural LEHS profiles for young adults. These profiles are: Lifestyle Mavens (15.4%), Aspirational Healthy Eaters (27.5%), Balanced-all Rounders (21.4%), Health Conscious (21.1%), Contemplating Another Day (11.2%), and Blissfully Unconcerned (3.4%). Each of these profiles provided insights into psycho-behavioural characteristics that can be used in designing apposite social media social marketing campaigns.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2882
Number of pages18
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2020


  • Healthy eating
  • Instrument development
  • Obesity prevention
  • Social marketing
  • Social media
  • Young adults

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