Bakery products of China

Lu Zhang, Xiao Dong Chen

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China, as one of the world's four greatest ancient civilizations, is famous for its early technological advances in ancient times. The preparation and baking of wheat-based food represents the foundation of human cooking culture coupled with technological development. Bakery products in China can be divided into two types: staple foods and pastries. The raw materials of bakery products in China are simple and low-priced. However, the manufacturing operation can be complicated and sophisticated. The technique that is primarily used is contact baking. Contact baking is a very common type of baking which is widely used, for example for baking of crisp bread, tortillas, pizzas, chapati, pancakes, and pita breads. Chinese pastries have a long history, and sophisticated processing technology has been used to develop a wide variety of pastries. According to incomplete statistics, there are hundreds of kinds of pastries in China.

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