Baby boomers downunder: The case of Australia

Gary D. Bouma, Michael Mason

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The “baby boomers”, as they are popularly called, have been held responsible for everything from the rise and fall of the baby food industry a massive expansion in education facilities, the rise of certain forms of popular music and now, as they enter middle age, the growing conservatism of the societies they have come to dominate. One of the demographic sequels of World War II for Western industrial societies has been the creation of this cohort which due to its size and concentration has come to influence many features of these societies. What has been their impact on Australia’s mainstream religious institutions?.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Post-War Generation and Establishment Religion
Subtitle of host publicationCross-Cultural Perspectives
EditorsWade Clark Roof, Jackson W. Carroll, David A. Roozen
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Number of pages32
ISBN (Electronic)9780429964497
ISBN (Print)9780813367125
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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