ARCOS establishment Roadmap: A Nationally Coordinated Approach to Supporting Containers, Kubernetes, and Multi-Cloud Interoperability

ARCOS Working Group

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Kubernetes is the emerging open source standard for deploying and managing scalable andportable container-based cloud-native applications. It has become the most commonly-usedapproach for multi-cloud application deployment, which for digital research infrastructure enablescommunities to develop tools & commons that can be deployed where the community member hascontainer friendly resources. Being at the juncture of infrastructure (cloud/hpc) and applications(platforms), implementing Kuberbetes is non-trivial, but made substantially easier when Kubernetesis consistently operated for each cloud and/or application and best-practice approaches are used. The ARDC’s Storage and Compute theme’s primary role is to deliver underpinning computingcapabilities to the ARDC competencies, and the need to better support containers and Kuberneteshad been identified in the theme roadmap. The proposal for a "Kubernetes Core Services" - toestablish and operate for 3 years a scalable multi-cloud platform and expertise to support federated,distributed cloud-native research applications - was submitted to the EOI phase of the 2019Platforms Open Call. This was a signal that there was strong community support for this service, andARDC's Compute and Storage theme accordingly reprioritised plans to support this as an ARDCactivity. The ARDC’s Compute and Storage theme and the national community have collaborated to develop the EOI into a “Kubernetes Core Services establishment roadmap” for ARDC’s consideration.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSwitzerland
Commissioning bodyARDC - Australian Research Data Commons Limited
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 17 Aug 2020


  • kubernetes
  • containers
  • cloud native
  • singularity

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