Antonino Pierozzi

Peter Howard

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Antonino Pierozzi (hereafter, Antoninus) was a Dominican friar renowned for his achievements as a reformer, as a theologian, and for being “a mirror of holiness” to whom (according to a contemporary) crowds of devotees flocked. Antoninus was educated and later preached within the dynamic intellectual context associated with Renaissance humanism. He not only had a unique library at his disposal in the newly rebuilt convent of San Marco (1442-) but was well placed to understand the anxieties of Florentine citizens in relation to an inherited tradition. Fra Antoninus, like other successful preachers, acted as a cultural translator: he distilled, reclassified, and concretized ideas circulating in learned circles according to the circumstances most relevant to his audience (de circumstantiae). His intellectual engagement with the catholic theological and canonical traditions in terms of his own milieu is best exemplified by his monumental Summa theologica.
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