Anti-obesity effects of olivetol in adult zebrafish model induced by short-term high-fat diet

Andukuri Reshma, T. Tamilanban, V. Chitra, Vetriselvan Subramaniyan, Gaurav Gupta, Neeraj Kumar Fuloria, Mahendran Sekar, Shivkanya Fuloria, Rakesh Sahu, J. Narayanan, Srikumar Chakravarthy, Siddharthan Selvaraj

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Obesity is a complex disease caused by various factors, and synthetic drugs used to treat it can have side effects. Natural compounds, such as olivetol, could be a promising alternative. Olivetol is a substance found in certain lichen species and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. In this study, researchers conducted in-silico molecular docking studies and found that olivetol had significant binding affinity with receptors involved in obesity. They also investigated the effects of olivetol on a diet-induced obese zebrafish model and found that high doses of olivetol reduced excessive fat accumulation and triglyceride and lipid accumulation. The low dose of olivetol showed a significant reduction in liver enzymes' levels. However, the high dose of olivetol resulted in a significant increase in HMG-CoA levels. These results suggest that olivetol may be a promising anti-obesity agent for the treatment of hyperlipidemia-related disorders, but further research is necessary to understand its full effects on the body.

Original languageEnglish
Article number18449
Number of pages21
JournalScientific Reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 27 Oct 2023

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