An experiment-based cohesive-frictional constitutive model for cemented materials

S. M.C.U. Senanayake, A. Haque, H. H. Bui

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Experiment-based damage laws at the contact bond level are often absent in the computational modelling of cemented materials using cohesive contact-bond models. In this paper, in-situ X-Ray Computed Tomography on element-scale cement bonds subjected to pure compression, shear and tensile loading was conducted to investigate their failure mechanisms and associated damage laws. A new cohesive-frictional constitutive model was subsequently developed using results obtained from X-Ray CT tests. The new constitutive model was capable of describing the behaviour of contact bonds subjected to complex loading conditions, including mixed-mode and compression damage. The new model was then implemented in an open-access Discrete Element Code (YADE) to simulate several challenging laboratory-scale tests (e.g., triaxial, Brazilian and Splitting tests) and very good agreements with the experimental data were achieved.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104862
Number of pages21
JournalComputers and Geotechnics
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2022


  • Cemented soils
  • Constitutive model
  • Damage
  • Discrete element method
  • Plasticity
  • X-Ray CT

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