An approach to calculating casing bearing capacity with parabolic deformation characteristics under local radial loading

Wanchun Zhao, Jing Ge, Pathegama Gamage Ranjith, Tingting Wang, Lijie Han

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In the process of waterflooding technology in the Jilin oilfield, local radial compressive stress caused by rock deformation results in local casing collapse. According to statistics regarding casing-deformation characteristics, a certain number of these characteristics are approximately parabola-shaped at the radial-deformation bottom, and the boundary of the whole deformation area is approximately symmetrical and double-parabola-shaped. The main work of this article focused on occurrences of such casing deformation. Assuming that, in the process of casing deformation, external work is totally converted into energy consumption due to the deformation, the variation regularity of bearing capacity under local radial load was obtained. In the Qing-1 stratum of the Jilin oilfield, by selecting casing with radial collapse deformation parameters of 41/2”J55, 51/2”J55, 41/2”N80, and 51/2”N80, radial bearing capacity was calculated. Study results showed that the casing bearing-capacity value was reduced by 39.69% compared with the current API 5C3 standard when under the action of a local radial load. The casing collapsed due to the impact of local radial loads produced by mudstone creep. A series of relationships between radial bearing strength and casing parameters were also obtained. The research results are of significant academic value for the compilation of casing design codes or standards under local radial loading.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1769
Number of pages16
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2020


  • Bearing capacity
  • Casing collapse
  • Fresnel integral
  • Local radial load

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