An application of low concentration alkaline hydrogen peroxide at non-severe pretreatment conditions together with deep eutectic solvent to improve delignification of oil palm fronds

Mun Chun Ho, Ta Yeong Wu, Samuel Wei Qiang Chee, Chia Yee Ngang, Irene Mei Leng Chew, Wen Hui Teoh, Jamaliah Md. Jahim, Abdul Wahab Mohammad

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Cost-effective pretreatments are essential to overcome the recalcitrant properties of lignocellulosic biomass in order to reutilize cellulosic components within the biomass for value-added products. In this study, a sequential pretreatment of low concentration (< 1.00 vol%) alkaline hydrogen peroxide (AHP) at ambient temperature (~ 25 °C) and pressure (1 atm.) with Type III deep eutectic solvent (DES) was used to fractionate oil palm fronds (OPF). A combination of AHP (0.25 vol%, 90 min) and DES (120 °C, 4 h) at the later stage resulted in a pretreated OPF with a delignification of 18.99%, remarkably improved DES-alone delignification extent by 1.6 folds. The characterizations of pretreated OPF confirmed that mild conditions AHP + DES pretreatment could synergically improve the delignification efficiency. Thus, the use of this sequential pretreatment enabled the lignin extraction and effectively disrupted the recalcitrant structure of OPF, yielding a potential feedstock for a biorefinery process at the later stage.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)8557-8573
Number of pages17
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2019


  • Biomass valorization
  • Biorefinery
  • Green solvent
  • Lignocellulosic biomass
  • Waste management

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