An advantage of low-exponent RSA with modulus primes sharing least significant bits

Ron Steinfeld, Yuliang Zheng

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    Let N = pq denote an RSA modulus of length n bits. Call N an (m − LSbS) RSA modulus if p and q have exactly m equal Least Significant (LS) bits. In Asiacrypt `98, Boneh, Durfee and Frankel (BDF) described several interesting `partial key exposure' attacks on the RSA system. In particular, for low public exponent RSA, they show how to recover in time polynomial in n the whole secret-exponent d given only the n=4 LS bits of d. In this note, we relax a hidden assumption in the running time estimate presented by BDF for this attack. We show that the running time estimated by BDF for their attack is too low for (m− LSbS) RSA moduli by a factor in the order of 2m. Thus the BDF attack is intractable for such moduli with large m. Furthermore, we prove a general related result, namely that if low-exponent RSA using an (m − LSbS) modulus is secure against poly-time conventional attacks, then it is also secure against poly-time partial key exposure attacks accessing up to 2m LS bits of d. Therefore, if low-exponent RSA using (n=4(1 − ɛ) − LSbS) moduli for small ɛ is secure, then this result (together with BDF's result on securely leaking the n=2 MS bits of d) opens the possibility of fast and secure public-server-aided RSA decryption/signature generation.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2001
    EventCryptographers Track held at the RSA Conference (CT-RSA) 2001 - San Francisco, United States of America
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    ConferenceCryptographers Track held at the RSA Conference (CT-RSA) 2001
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