A training workshop for community pharmacist workforce: Caring for older adults

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Background and purpose: The increasing number of older adults worldwide challenges healthcare providers and policy makers to provide high quality care. To our knowledge, there has been little research on educational programs for community pharmacists on the provision of pharmaceutical care-based educational programs for elderly people, especially in Asian regions. The purpose of this study was to develop and describe the implementation of a structured educational program on geriatric care for community pharmacists. Educational activity and setting: Community pharmacists attended a one-day workshop, supplemented with comprehensive training materials which enabled participants to conduct similar sessions with their peers at their own time. The workshop, consisting of case study discussion and role plays, was designed to be an engaging and interactive program that combined traditional didactic sessions and experiential, discussion-based learning. A pre- and post-workshop questionnaire were administered immediately before and after the event to all attending participants. Findings: Core concepts covered in the workshop included: (1) overview of an ageing population, (2) issues with ageing population, (3) medication review, and (4) dietary requirements and dosage forms in older adults. Participants' (n = 39) noted significant improvements in knowledge (mean score change 0.7, p < .001) and increased comfortability managing and caring for older adults (mean score change 0.3, p = .001). The core concepts delivered helped participants to understand and appreciate the skills required in caring for older adults. The importance of communication in problem-solving was emphasized, as community pharmacists are one of the first health points of contact and account for the majority of encounters with elderly patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)95-102
Number of pages8
JournalCurrents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2020


  • Adult education/development
  • Ageing
  • Health
  • Program evaluation

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