A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Change in Health-Related Quality of Life for Interactive Telehealth Interventions for Patients With Asthma

Centaine L. Snoswell, Miia Rahja, Aislinn F. Lalor

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Objectives: Asthma is one of the most common major noncommunicable diseases in the world and affects individuals of all ages. Medication is used to achieve and maintain quality of life (QOL) for people with asthma. Telehealth interventions offer optimized and personalized symptom monitoring with timely treatment adjustment and the potential to increase medication adherence for individuals with asthma. This study examines and synthesizes the available data on the change in the QOL for patients with asthma who use interactive telehealth interventions, and identifies the most effective telehealth modalities used for intervention in this area. Methods: Literature searches were conducted in 5 databases in November 2018 for studies measuring a change in QOL for patients with asthma. Study QOL outcomes, where possible, were pooled in a meta-analysis. Results: Seventeen publications (describing 16 studies) comprising 2015 patients were included. Based on a meta-analysis, interactive telehealth interventions can improve QOL outcomes for people living with asthma, although the improved effects may be small: web portals (0.51, 95% confidence interval [CI] –0.00 to 1.03), interactive smartphone apps (0.30, 95% CI –0.16 to 0.76) and remote monitoring (standardized mean difference 0.20, 95% CI –0.11 to 0.52). Intervention delivery modalities identified include interactive web portals, smartphone apps, and remote monitoring programs. Conclusions: The findings provide a comprehensive overview of the available literature on interactive telehealth interventions, including interactive web portals, smartphone apps, and remote monitoring programs. These findings demonstrated that a positive change in QOL can be attributed to these interventions and provide evidence for the implementation of telehealth interventions for individuals with asthma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)291-302
Number of pages12
JournalValue in Health
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2021


  • adherence
  • asthma
  • digital health
  • quality of life
  • telehealth
  • telemedicine

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