A global overview of the changing roles of radiographers

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The International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) provides a forum for information and discussion on developments and changes in the radiographic profession globally, with over 83 country member associations and through its official capacity of an affiliate of World Health Organisation (WHO). Role boundaries for radiographers are changing and expanding. A few countries, principally UK and USA, have established positions with specific scopes of practice. A global overview identifies a large gap between these countries and others who are still struggling to have the radiographic profession regulated and for whom recognized advanced practitioners are only a remote possibility. Factors such as skill shortages, cost containment, need for quality improvement, technological innovation, new medical interventions, new health sector programmes, health sector reform are driving these role changes everywhere. Some countries have moved further along the continuum of change than others. This article provides an overview of activities and developments in three regions. Some countries are working towards role extension and have substantive research in place while others have very little apparent information on this development. The article does not cover the established programs of USA and UK in depth, where there are many other publications available. Crown

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  • Advanced practitioner
  • Role boundaries
  • Role extension

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